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Little Cigar Warehouse

Little cigars can be affordable, sophisticated and our selection includes many different tobacco brands including Santa Fe, Cheyenne, Blackstone, Richwood, Wrangler, Remington, Smokers Best, Swisher Sweets, Action, Djarum, Ohm, Vaquero, Red Buck, Double Diamond etc.,

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Client Requirement

Client Requirement

One of our ecommerce Shop Site merchants was recently featured on Social media Deals and Discounted items. This feature on highlights products with steep discounts, and is very popular across the United States. It often results in tens of thousands of visitors in a short period of time, and hundreds to thousands of sales in just a few hours.

Client Solution


Little Cigar Warehouse chose Webinfosys as its technology partner to create a complete online presence. Some major highlights of the solution were as follows:

  • Enormous number of built-in eCommerce web shop related features.
  • Responsive web design.
  • Complete SEO Solution with Monthly Updates.
  • Extremely modular architecture.
  • Security – Magento takes security very seriously and as a highly rated priority.
  • Code-level Access – open source, PHP code available for you to play with.