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Job Portal Development Company in Delhi

Job Portal Development Company in Delhi

Responsive Techno Pvt. Ltd. is the specialized job portal development company who provides recruitment web portal development solutions with an exceptional track record of delivering many job portal websites successfully. We are the premium company who design and develop the perfect job portal website development in Delhi NCR.

As a leading job portal development company, we provide the perfect solutions to those who want to develop an effective job portal website that is user-friendly as well as hassle free. We have a team of expert professionals in different kind of job portal solutions for the agencies. We have the best solutions for this job portal website development in Delhi NCR industries and provide fully made customized solutions for the recruitment companies. Our Solution has the entire job portal development feature and we provide all maximum features that a good recruitment web portal development solution should have. We build job portals that not only make the process simplified and rewarding, but also ease the burden on management systems of big firms.

Our organization is one of the most forward looking and leading job portal website development in Delhi NCR founded with a bunch of innovative and talented expertise. In the field of recruitment web portal development, we have knowledgeable and skilled team that caters to the precise requisites of recruitment consultancies. We are conscious with the needs of small and large companies accordingly and the job portal development cost of the website is also very effective and affordable. We create such website that reveals job portal company information, including latest Jobs, Resume upload, companies contact information and many other crucial services. Responsive Techno Pvt. Ltd. is the renowned name in this field of job portal development services.

Responsive Techno Pvt. Ltd. is a professional job portal development company that specializes in developing effective job portal, web development and web application for a wide range of businesses. We have established ourselves as a trusted name among various other development companies, we depend on latest and advanced technology for programming, designing, managing content, various web services etc., to make all essential elements present in your job portal including trouble free searching facility, extensive support from database, easy measurable, safe and secure data, perfectly design and development, and advanced hosting as well. So don’t waste your precious time, simply contact us and enhance the growth of your business with modernistic features.

BUSINESS NEEDS (Scope of Work)
  • Mobile Responsive website
  • Fully Dynamic
  • Home page search (Option to search with job title, Company name, city, state etc).
  • Top Menu (Option to add,edit & delete Category as per requirement).
  • Home Page (Top or Popular Category list show option to show and hide as per requirement).
  • Browse jobs categories that are sorted by functions, hot jobs
  • CMS Pages like faq, policy pages,etc (Option to add, edit & delete as per requirement).
  • Contact Us Page (Contact form with 4-5 fields as given by client, any query directly goes to admin email).
  • Social Link (Like facebook, twitter, linkedin etc)
  • Job Listing Page with sidebar filter option(filter: Date Posted, Employment Type, Company, location etc).
  • Job details Page(with company profile & Job details)
  • Job Subscribe (option to Subscribe the plan by employer)
  • Payment gateway.
  • Billing & GST.
  • Video profile uploading from youtube.
  • Email confirmation.
  • Top hiring companies.
  • Interview tips.
  • Quick Job Search – Advanced Job Search – Forward Jobs
Main Site:
  • Jobseeker Home Page/ Landing Page:- The Home page mainly contains, the Search Job feature along with the details of the featured Jobs, latest Jobs, job categories, customer’s testimonials & blogs.
  • Jobseeker Search Job:- Jobseeker can search for his/her job by providing the basic search criteria, as well as he/she can filter the search result to get the desired job post.
  • Job Details Page:- Jobseeker can click on any job from the Jobs list, to view the specific job detail page. It will show all the details of the job to the Jobseeker.
  • View Employer Profile:- Jobseeker can click on the employer’s logo to view the specific employer’s profile from the job details page.
    a.Intro (about the employer) section. b. Gallery section. Work culture images. c. Employer profile, all-posted jobs.
  • Jobseeker Apply Job:- On the Job Detail Page, the Job seeker can click on the “Apply” button to apply for the specific job. He/she then needs to answer the questions configured by the employer. After answering the entire question he/she can successfully apply for the job. If the job seeker has an active resume he/she will be able for applying the job or else redirected to the resume creation page. After applying for the job, the button changed to “Applied”. Once the job is applied for, the job seeker cannot apply it again.
  • Live ChatBot:- Jobseeker can do his live chat for queries and issues with admin
  • Employer Registration:- By filling few basic details, the employer can register himself to the job portal. The employer needs to perform email or phone verification by entering the code. Receives in his/her registered email or phone.
  • Package Selection:- As soon as registration the process is over, an employer needs to select the package from the available packages. By default, a trial plan is assigned.
  • Employer Login:- An employer can log in via his/her registered email id.
  • Reset Password:- An employer can enter his/her registered email id and submit it, he will then get a reset password email on his/her email id, he/she can then reset his password.
  • Employer Profile:- Employer can view their own profile details on this page. Employer can change the details of his profile on this page.
  • Employer Password:- Employer can change his password anytime he wishes.
  • Employer Subscription Package:- On this page, the Employer can see his current/active package and all the expired package, he/she can renew his expired package as well.
  • Employer Payment Process/Payment Gateway:- Employer can pay using Debit or Credit cards to purchase the package or renew his existing package.
  • Employer Candidate Search:- On this page, the Employer can find the specific candidates/job seekers by providing specific search and filter criteria. System will show the list of candidates who match this criteria.
  • Employer Candidate Shortlisting:- Employer can shortlist the candidate by clicking on the icon on the candidate list or candidate detail page. here the employer can keep track of remarks and status of each candidate, as well as he can send personal email internal messages directly to the selected candidate. The employer can also add multiple remarks on each candidate from the remark section.
  • Employer View Candidate Detail Page:- Employer can open the detail page of any candidate, and check all of his/her profile details. Employer can send a specific message to any candidate.
  • Employer Messages List:- On this page, the Employer can view all the messages he/she sent and received.
  • Employer My Jobs List:- This is the list of all the Jobs created/posted by the Employer.
  • Employer Add Job:- Employer can add a new job by filling in all the required details about the vacancy on this page. While creating a new Job, Employer can also make a list of questions and attached to the job. These questions should get answered while applying for this job by any of the jobseekers.
  • Employer Application Tracking:- This is an application tracking page, where the employer can view all the candidates who applied for a specific job. Here the employer can view the answers of the questions he posted along with the job, he/she can also shortlist the candidate as well as send messages to the specific candidate.
  • Employer Profile Top Right Side Icon:- An employer can view his own profile. He can create jobs, Change password and logout from this page.
  • Vanity Url:- This premium feature will allow the employer to create their own company pages with their details on the website.
  • Job Search: Employer can search the candidates by using some filter criteria and sort or reject the candidate.
  • Employer can send the mails single or bulk candidates.
  • Employer can download the resumes(documents) and complete profiles in excel/csv format.
  • View dates of resume ‐ created & last updated dates Suspend /active resumes
  • Activate or deactivate jobs.
  • Refresh jobs the preview job posting option allows you to validate a job posting to check for improper inputs, misspellings.
  • View list of active jobs, expired jobs.
  • View number of applications for a job has received.
  • Jobseeker Registration:- By filling few basic details, the jobseeker can register himself to the job portal. The jobseeker needs to perform email or phone verification by entering the code. Receives in his/her registered email or phone.
  • Jobseeker Login:- Jobseeker can log in via his registered email id
  • Reset Password:- Jobseeker can enter his/her registered email id and submit it, he/she will then get a reset password email on his email id, he/she can then reset his password.
  • Jobseeker Profile Top Right Side Icon:- Jobseeker can view his own profile. He can upload CV, Change password and logout from this page.
  • Jobseeker Edit Profile Section:- Jobseeker can update his profile by editing each section. (a) The personal detail (intro) section. (b) Education information section. (c) Experience details sections. (d) Skills details sections. (e) Training & Certification Section, etc.
  • Jobseeker Password:- Jobseeker can change his/her password anytime he/she wishes.
  • Jobseeker Create A CV:- Jobseeker can create his CV from his/her profile details and enter the details of the extra fields. The CV can be downloaded in PDF format.
  • Jobseeker Applied Jobs:- This is the list of all the jobs to which the jobseeker has applied to the jobs.
  • Jobseeker Favorite Jobs:- This is the list of all the jobs to which the jobseeker has marked as the favorite the jobs.
  • Jobseeker Messages:- On this page, the Jobseeker can receive and reply to the specified message. From here also able to reply back to the messenger.
  • Manage Photograph ‐ Change Password – Delete Resume
  • Add multiple list of qualification and experience
  • View all jobs by a specific employer
  • Submit resume to any employer with one click
  • Add/modify/delete a covering letter
  • CMS Pages:- Manage CMS page (add, edit & delete option).
  • Category - Manage Category (add, edit & delete option).
  • Employer:- Advertisers/Employer List (option to edit & delete or Inactive).
  • Employer Plans:- Admin can view plans purchased by Advertisers/Employer.
  • Employer Jobs:- Admin can view jobs posted by Advertisers/Employer.
  • Jobs List:- Admin can view job application & candidate details.
  • Jobseeker List:- Candidate List (option to edit & delete or Inactive).
  • Resume Sections:- Admin can view Candidate resumes.
  • Subscription:- Admin can view Job Subscription.
  • Email Subscribers:- Admin can view Email Subscribers.
  • Email Export:- Admin can export Email Subscribers list in excel format.
  • Add/edit/delete/activate/deactivate employers.
  • Confirmation email on registration of an employer.
  • Notification email to the employer on expiry of membership.
  • Search for employers based on various parameters.
  • Add/edit/delete/activate/deactivate job postings for employers.
  • Manage featured employers.
  • Manage featured jobs.
  • I want to design Job portal / Website that will contain following features
  • Post Featured Jobs.
  • Free Users Report.
  • Paid Users Report.
  • Paid Employers Report.
  • Send Newsletter.
  • Add Staff Login.
  • Reset Staff Password.